Contact me

Do not hesitate to discuss any concern or question by calling 01483 224330 or 07960 221110.  Alternatively you can email


CompleteHomeopathy address is:

Holly Lodge,
2 Wentworth Close    (next to house number 16 which is very confusing)
Ripley GU23 6DB

NB: Do please park on the road so as not to block the driveway.


I also practice from the holistic centre in Godalming.


My fees include the homeopathic pills dispensed at the end of the consultation:

Adults: Initial Consultation £90 (90 minutes);  Follow-up £65

Children: Initial Consultation £65;  Follow-up £50

Discount given for siblings depending on age.

Payment is cash, cheque or online banking.

I see patients weekdays and evenings.