Why I became a homeopath

Since my early childhood I have used homeopathic remedies but the potential of this form of therapy was brought home to me when, after 4 years of trying to start a family with conventional fertility treatment, I consulted a homeopath and was able to conceive within a few months.

Following this positive experience, I also turned to homeopathy when conventional medicine failed to resolve my overactive thyroid gland. The recommendation from my endocrinologist after 2 years of drug treatment was to have my thyroid gland surgically removed. I did not like this prospect and I did not want to have to take thyroxin hormones, in tablets form, for the rest of my life, so I consulted a homeopath.

Within a short period of time my blood tests showed a decrease of thyroid hormones (free T4) until their level came back within normal range. My thyroid to this day, many years later, behaves impeccably without the help of any drugs or further homeopathic remedies.

By this stage I was already treating my own children successfully with homeopathy so I decided to undertake the 4 years of study and training to become a homeopath.

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Vinciane Ollington, MSC, LCH, MARH – 01483 224330