What my patients and students have said

“So my mum has had 4 phosphorus pills so far (2 yesterday, 2 so far today) and she has already gone from coughing pretty much non stop, to not having coughed for hours today!
Basically – I forgot how bloody amazing you are!!!
Thank you! X”
Laura Jones, Surrey

” Your self prescribing course was the most worthwhile training I have ever attended with other like-minded people. Being able to treat any ailments naturally without antibiotics has helped me and the family I care for overcome periods of illness or infections positively regaining good health swiftly without any unnecessary side effects that are prevalent with modern medicine. ” Debbie Maltby, Surrey

“I am really pleased I attended your course Vinciane. My daughter has not had an ear infection since using the Pulsatilla remedy. There has been no return of the skin problem for my other daughter since your prescription sorted it out. We are really pleased by both of these things. I do consult my notes from your course and the book whenever something comes up for any of us and I feel confident that the remedies I now give my family help us stay healthy.”  Hattie, Elstead

“Vinciane agreed to see me at very short notice for problems that I had with hypertension. My doctor prescribed the usual medication but I sought her help to have it replaced with something better for my body and, to her credit, she used her own machine to measure me, before proceeding further – she could have sent me to my clinic.  After relevant questioning she recommended a remedy and asked that I return in ten days as not all remedies for a particular problem suit everyone. Ten days later, my measurements improved but not enough to get me out the danger zone. She tried something else and after ten days there was a significant improvement, well out of the criteria for hypertension; a further ten days and my blood pressure is back to normal using completely natural products.” Noel Denney, Woking

“In 2001 I was diagnosed with a chronic illness, Lupus, which left me ‘tired all the time‘ despite steroid treatment. Blood tests in December 2003 indicated that my thyroid gland was underactive so I also had to take 50mg of thyroxin daily. I consulted Vinciane in April 2004 and soon felt strong enough to stop the steroid treatment with the agreement of my GP. My health kept on improving and blood tests in April 2005 showed that my thyroid gland was back to normal. From then on, free of any conventional drugs and just using infrequent homeopathic remedies, I regained my health, proof of which came in December 2011 when, aged 50, I climbed Mount Kilimanjaro.”   Anne Maden

“My son developed a large lump on his tongue when he was 15 months old. We tried various treatments for 4 years without much success. However, one day after starting homeopathic treatment, he had an earache and that same day the lump started decreasing. The consultant is impressed and wants to know the name of the homeopathic remedy which has stopped her from pursuing surgery to remove a portion of his tongue. Thank you Vinciane for your help”.  Susan Scott

“I’m really enjoying the homeopathy course, I’m getting so much out of it!! I’ve referred to the book that you gave us many times already, it is fantastic, packed full of information and so comprehensive and easy to follow :o) Now Monday mornings are a highlight of my week! I just wanted to say thank you so much for inspiring me and sharing all your amazing knowledge.”   Lauren Baker

“I really enjoyed learning about homeopathy with you, Vinciane. You made the subject incredibly interesting and I have been able to put quite a few remedies into practice. It is nice to know that I don’t have to rely on Nurofen and Calpol for any old ache and pain with my children.”  Karen Skidmore

“Once again an inspiring and most informative talk. Thank you very much. I do wish the world were able to hear your down-to-earth, practical and knowledgeable sessions.”  Penny Easun

Vinciane Ollington, MSC, LCH, MARH – 01483 224330