How I practice

  • I see patients for a first long appointment.  This will take 90 minutes for adults and 60 minutes or less for a child. The fee for this first appointment is £95 for adults and £65 for children. This fee includes the homeopathic remedies that I dispense at the end of the consultation (except for HDT where a premium might be charged).
  • I see my patients every 3 to 6 weeks depending on the severity and the urgency of their complaint.  This follow up will last 40 to 60 minutes and cost £50 for children and £65 for adults, discounted if siblings are seen together.
  • The fee paid for the consultation will cover one phone call made between consultations and a top up of remedies.
  • Short email or phone consultations are also available and I can post the remedies prescribed.

Vinciane Ollington, MSC, LCH, MARH – 01483 224330